Activities That Add Experience to Food
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Could a lack of foraging activity be affecting the physical and mental well-being of your pet bird? Find out what wild birds experience every day and may be missing in your bird's life.

What is Foraging?
The collective act of searching and finding food is called foraging. This vital activity ensures the procurement of food. While the goal is straightforward, foraging involves a multitude of complex tasks often completed in a specific sequence unique to each foraging experience. In other words, wild birds must successfully complete a series of physical and mental challenges in order to eat.

Why Foraging Matters
A basic foraging scenario in nature might begin with wild birds in flight, navigating their environment in search for food. If and when food is found, it must then be secured and finally accessed (not an easy task for an animal without hands!) to retrieve the edible portions. Even in this simple scenario, we have wild birds flying, searching, sensing, landing, grasping, shredding, chewing, opening and a multitude of other fine-honed skills. It is evident that wild birds live a rich life that uses a vast mental and physical repertoire of problem-solving skills.

Recreate Foraging Experiences
With food made readily available at all times, many pet birds rarely experience the joys of foraging.

Imagine countless hours of productive and fun activity lost and reallocated to such potentially harmful activity as feather picking, screaming and other inappropriate behavior all because your bird is bored. Fortunately, all it takes is a willing and creative owner to enrich the life of their feathered companions. It's as simple as making the search for food fun and challenging for your bird. If you don't do "creative," explore our wonderful selection of foraging toys, whether it's festive Piñata Toys or challenging acrylic foraging toys.

4-Way Forager
4-Way Forager
is a challenging bird toy keeps bird mentally and physically fit.
Buffet Ball
Buffet Ball
foot toy is ideal for birds that love to "work" for rewards.
Foraging Wheel
Foraging Wheel
treat toy rewards your successful bird with a tasty treat.
Ultimate Pinata
Ultimate Piñata
provides hours of engaging activity and an acceptable outlet for natural chewing and shredding bird behavior.