Drs. Foster and Smith Premium Blends
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Premium Blernds

Drs Foster and Smith Signature Series® Premium Blends with Omega-3s are developed by our veterinarians and a zoologist-nutritionist. Our budget-friendly Premium Blends give your bird a species-specific, vitamin-fortified mix of nutritious seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables, with excellent sources of amino acids, plus Omega-3s for better overall wellness - exactly what your bird needs. Plus, because we listened to bird lovers like you, our NEW & IMPROVED formula features NO synthetic colors or artificial preservatives! Only the wholesome goodness your bird companion deserves.


All Doctors Foster and Smith Premium Blends include a delicious source of Omega-3s, including DHA, the super Omega-3 fatty acid that's essential for support of healthy skin and feathers, your bird's heart, brain, immune system, and eyes.

Our Premium Blends have more pellets, even in the smaller bird formulations. As every bird owner knows, pellets are the way to go for complete nutrition, but many birds prefer only seed. Our pellets are bursting with nutrition and have a bird-enticing orange scent. More pellets and less seed also mean less waste, and that's another money saver!

Fruits and veggies provide natural sources of vitamins and minerals to support the health of your bird's body systems, plumage, bones, and more. Our Premium Blends include fruits and vegetables to vary flavors and textures while maximizing nutrition. And Premium Blends for larger birds have BIG pieces of dried fruits and veggies as well as pellets, legumes, grains, and nuts.

Added vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin A, both antioxidants, support your bird's healthy immune system. Also, Vitamin A is responsible for maintaining eye, mouth, skin, feather, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and respiratory health.

Excess sugars in bird food can quickly lead to obesity or metabolic problems. Most of our Premium blends do not contain additional sweeteners you may find in other foods.

Means you can feel good about giving your bird the best diet possible.

Drs. Foster and Smith Premium Blends are packaged in resealable bags and nitrogen-flushed to keep freshness in and insects out. 25-lb sizes arrive in 5 sealed bags, so you only need to open what you use. Don't forget our convenient and money-saving AUTO DELIVERY feature on foods.

Each of our Premium Blends is made to appeal to particular species and with individual nutritional needs in mind.

Premium Canary/Finch and Parakeet
These blends are made specifically for birds that require and prefer grains and seeds. Both blends contain luscious pellets along with seeds and grains sized expressly for that species.
  • Canary/Finch contains more canary grass seed than our competitors, PLUS rapeseed, which finches prefer.
  • Obesity in parakeets is a common problem. Parakeet Blend has a balanced fat level with more protein, which may help keep parakeet obesity in check.
Premium Cockatiel Blend
Contains more legumes, like cooked soybeans and peas, known for their high protein content - and more satisfying. Again, more pellets, and less seeds and hulls equal much less waste and less mess!
Premium Parrot Blend
Formulated for medium hookbills, the pellets, nuggets, nuts, and seeds are super colorful, important for parrots, and sized to be held and eaten, exactly what parrots desire.
Premium Macaw Blend
Not only does this blend contain a higher fat content, which energetic Macaws need, it has HUGE pieces of fruit, vegetables, beans, grains, and nuts (whole and shelled), that look so delicious, you'll be tempted to try a handful.
The bottom line
Real fruits and vegetables. More pellets and less seeds. Fortified with vitamins and minerals. No added sweeteners. Less waste. Check out our ingredient list and compare it to your bird's present diet. You'll see nutrients in there that support all healthy body systems. There's not much more you can ask for to keep your bird at his healthy best. When we stamp a product with our logo, we're giving our mark of approval - a mark that has over 30 years of veterinarian experience and expertise behind it.