LED Lighting Comparison Guide
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Do you know which LED light fixture is right for your setup? As these energy-efficient fixtures grow in popularity and number, choosing the right LED aquarium light fixture can be more confusing than ever. Use this handy selection guide to help select the best LED light fixture for your aquarium.

  For use with these aquariums
  FW* FW*
SW** SW**
Single Bright LED Lighting System  
Double Bright LED Lighting System  
Reef Capable LED Lighting System w/Timer    
Aquatic Plant LED Lighting System w/Timer    
LED Aquarium Hood      
LED Aquarium Light    
TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights    
TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight Kits    
TrueLumen PadLite
TrueLumen LED Strips    
TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights    
Expandable LED Light Fixtures    
3.0W Marine LED Light Fixture    
PAR38 LED Lamp    
EcoPico LED Strip    
Panorama Pro
Panorama Pro Striplights
RGB Panorama Pro
Panorama Pro Fixture      
LiveAquaria Select Panorama Pro
for Freshwater Planted Aquariums
LiveAquaria Select Panorama Pro
for LPS/Zoanthus Coral Aquariums
LiveAquaria Select Panorama Pro
for Soft Coral Aquariums
LiveAquaria Select Panorama Pro
for SPS Coral Aquariums
Aqualight LED Fixture    
SkkyeLight LED Clamp    
SkkyeLight SingleStrips
Sol Super Blue LED Light      
Nano Touch Controlled LED System      
Mazarra P Series LED Module      
R420R (RAZOR) LED Lighting System      
Hidden & Accent LED    
LED Bubble Wands    
Color-Changing LED Bubble Wand    
Color-Changing LED Bubble Ring    
Hydor LED Aquarium Light    
Satellite Freshwater LED+ Fixture    
Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System    
Satellite Freshwater LED Fixtures    
Hydra LED Module        
EDGE LED Fixtures
Freshwater Flexible LED Strip Lights    
Vega Performance LED Systems    
Radion XR30W G3 Pro LED Light Fixture    
AquaSun LED HO Aquarium Fixture
R420R (Razor) Nano 60W LED Lighting Fixture        
Build Your Own Panorama Pro LED Fixture
MagnaFuge LED      
Radion XR30W G3 LED Light Fixture    
Pacifica LED Lighting System    
Hydra FiftyTwo LED Module    


Please note: Each aquarium is unique in setup as well as the photosynthetic requirements of the livestock being housed. Use multiple LED light fixtures based on the illumination needs of your reef or planted aquarium.