Enjoy Healthy Saltwater Aquariums with Quality Synthetic Sea Salts
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Instant Ocean
INSTANT OCEAN SEA SALT sets the standard for other synthetic sea salts. It is a complete formula that includes all necessary major, minor, and trace elements blended to simulate natural seawater. Because it contains the same elements and essential minerals that become depleted over time, using a saltwater solution that contains Instant Ocean Sea Salt for your water change will eliminate the need to dose with additional and often costly mineral and trace element supplements.
Reef Crystals
REEF CRYSTALS REEF SALT takes the Instant Ocean formula a step further by increasing the amount of calcium, select trace elements, and vitamins in its formula above natural seawater concentrations. In fact, Reef Crystals Reef Salt is so effective it is the only reef salt we use and recommend in our Drs. Foster and Smith Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility.
A healthy, thriving saltwater aquarium requires that you maintain pristine water conditions. The easiest way to do so is with water changes. It's a simple concept, really: take "old" water out, put "fresh" saltwater in, yet water changes are one of the first maintenance tasks that aquarists put off.

Understanding the importance of keeping up with regular water changes is paramount to getting your water quality and maintenance schedule back on track, but choosing the right aquarium salt is also key.

Thanks in part to the development of efficient filtration systems and versatile chemical filter media, the emphasis once placed on routine water changes has waned. True, aquarium filtration helps extend water quality and slows down the buildup of harmful chemicals, but filtration alone is not capable of completely offsetting the effects of declining water quality.

Water changes restore and maintain a balanced aquarium by physically removing and diluting harmful chemicals such as ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite, as well as replenishing vital elements. With a saltwater setup, water changes are also necessary to help maintain proper salt concentration.

For saltwater aquarists, the type of salt that you are using can also play a big role in improving your water quality. Two of the major players on the aquarium salt market are Instant Ocean Sea Salt and Reef Crystals Reef Salt. Find out how they benefit your water changes, right.