Perform Routine Aquarium Pump Maintenance
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Perform Routine Aquarium Pump Maintenance

Water pumps play an integral role in the aquarium. The water movement they provide is critical for proper gas exchange, supplemental filtration, and for creating a natural environment that benefits the mental and physical well-being of your aquarium inhabitants. Like most aquarium equipment, water pumps can occasionally require cleaning. Keeping your water pumps clean and functioning properly will reduce expenses by extending their performance.

steps to follow
Mag Drive Pumps 1. Remove the pump from the system.

2. Remove pre-filter from the front of submerged pump and remove debris. Rinse with plain fresh water (no soap).

3. Remove the impeller housing cover to expose the impeller.

4. Remove the impeller and the magnet. Inspect for damage and wash with plain fresh water (no soap or abrasives).

5. Wash out the impeller housing with plain fresh water (no soap or abrasives).

6. Reassemble the pump and re-install it in your system.

special considerations
If you have lime or mineral buildup on any part of your pump, you can dissolve these with a product designed to remove lime, salt residue, and other hard deposits on aquarium equipment. Make sure to rinse thoroughly with fresh clean water before reassembling your pump.

Some brands of in-line pumps require periodic oiling to lubricate the motor. Always refer to your owner's manual for instructions on this procedure.

Routine maintenance helps protect your equipment investments, but be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions as to how often maintenance should be performed on your particular pump.