The Gel Food Choice
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

The Gel Food Choice
Every aquarist knows that feeding a balanced diet is crucial to maintaining fish health, but flake and freeze-dried foods still dominate the shelves of fish rooms everywhere. To add some variety to your fishs' diet, explore convenient, customizable gel food as an option.

Gel foods give you the option of creating your own custom feeding formulations.
One of the biggest benefits of gel food is that it offers the aquarist the ability to create custom formulations for more specific feeding results.

Some gel foods are offered as a powder that comes in tubs or packets, and can be mixed simply by adding water and refrigerating (when necessary). Hobbyists can mix the gel food base with vitamins or dietary supplements to meet more specific needs for their fish.

Much like flake and staple foods, gel foods offer balanced nutrition and are an ideal platform for both herbivore and carnivore diets. Some gel foods, such as the Instant Ocean Soft Gel Foods for marine fish and TetraNature Freshwater Gel Foods for freshwater fish are premixed for added convenience. They feature such ingredients as brine shrimp, pacific krill, cyclop-eeze, seaweed, bloodworms, and algae for an optimal frozen food alternative.

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