Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Food: Made under the strictest quality assurance policies
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

As veterinarians, Dr. Race Foster and Dr. Marty Smith share a common goal - ensuring the continued good health of pets. That's why Drs. Foster & Smith Healthy pet foods - with the absolute best, highest quality ingredients - are manufactured under the strictest quality control. In creating these foods, the doctors closely monitor every step of production - from selecting raw materials to shipping.

Raw materials from only the best sources

Before choosing any individual raw material supplier, the doctors review the supplier's specifications, evaluate samples, audit the supplier's facilities, and bring in test loads for trial runs. Once the doctors have selected a vendor, they require numerous additional tests including:

  • All fresh ingredients are visually checked for freshness, lack of contamination, color, and general appearance.
  • All protein sources are tested for appropriate levels of fat and protein before unloading.
  • All grain deliveries are tested for moisture, density, and potential toxins before unloading.
  • All frozen products must arrive frozen and are subsequently checked for temperature.
The doctors also employ qualified quality assurance (QA) personnel to randomly sample and test all raw materials to ensure they meet specifications. In fact, the doctors are so dedicated to ingredient quality, they even insist that all trucks delivering raw materials are inspected for structural integrity and cleanliness.

A stringently controlled manufacturing process

To ensure that ingredients retain their nutritional value, freshness, and quality during manufacturing, the doctors require additional controls. All ingredients are continually inspected and individually weighed during formulation to ensure the use of correct amounts and maintenance of proper nutritional levels. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, QA personnel ensure proper nutritional levels by consistently checking and monitoring moisture content, nutrient levels, and mixture density. Proper cooking times and temperatures are also continually monitored.

Ensuring quality finished products and packaging

Additional quality checks precede packaging of the finished foods. QA personnel collect random samples of the finished foods for nutrient-level analysis. A final check of moisture ensures nutritional potency. A temperature check helps ensure whether the food is ready for packaging. The food is also carefully inspected for conformation to final presentation standards. (A sample container of each of the doctors' dry foods, for example, is present in the packaging area for visual comparison.) During and after the packaging process, QA personnel perform several follow-up checks on seals, freshness dates, bag weights, and much more.

Clean, safe, secure storage and shipping

The doctors are adamant that the foods do not sit in a warehouse - slowly losing their flavor and nutritional value - and employ a "just-in-time" delivery schedule so that supply closely parallels demand. To ensure that pet foods arrive at your door with maximum freshness, flavor, and nutritional value, the doctors insist that food be sealed, stored, and shipped in order of production. And before the food is shipped, QA personnel once again check the integrity of packaging and pallets, as well as the cleanliness and stability of all shipping trucks.

Foods pet owners can feed with confidence

Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith have gone to great lengths to bring pets and pet owners the highest quality, most nutritious pet foods available. Some might consider such rigorous quality checks extreme, but the doctors know the importance of consistent quality to achieving success. And that success is measured in the increasing number of pets who benefit from the high quality nutrition found in every bag of Drs. Foster & Smith pet food.