Intelligent New Generation of Canister Filters
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Eheim PRO 3E
If you have a heavily stocked aquarium or large setup, or are simply looking to upgrade your filtration unit, consider the Eheim Pro 3 Electronic Canister Filter. Eheim PRO 3E
an intelligent upgrade
Convenient for the needs of larger or heavily stocked setups, the Pro 3 E stands out because it has intelligent and programmable electronic technology that lets you monitor and make adjustments on the fly. The unit can be
Eheim PRO 3E
programmed to switch between constant and wavelike flow rates with a 12-hour cycle, or adjusted manually at the touch of a button. Make filtration fun and easy - upgrade to the Pro 3 E today.

insurance for your aquarium
The Pro 3 E acts as an electronic support team, offering worry-free performance and durable construction. The built-in self-diagnostic microprocessor monitors filter functions, automatically detects any irregularities, and attempts to rectify the cause, a life-saving feature for aquarists who are frequently on the road or on vacation. If there is a blockage in your filter media, the adjustable output control will automatically adjust the flow rate, and then return it to the previously programmed output rate when the problem has been corrected. In addition, an auto air-out function detects and bleeds off air trapped under the filter head. An exterior digital service indicator located on the outside of the unit provides easy viewing to the time remaining until the next cleaning period.

The Eheim Pro 3 Electronic Canister Filter is available in two models for up to 185 gallon systems. Click here for more specifics on the filter.