Thinking "Outside the Cage" with Bird Perching Options
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Shower/Window Perch

As a responsible bird owner, you know the importance of giving your bird his very own cage to call home. You also know the value (and fun!) of bringing your bird out into the space you call home. If you choose to allow your bird significant time out of his cage, you must take steps to keep him safe and out of mischief. This is largely achieved with proper out-of-cage seating. Thanks to a wide variety of solutions, you can safely share virtually any indoor space with your bird.

Seating for birds only

Offer an assortment of seats, and teach your bird that they're exclusively his. He'll not only perch where you want him, he'll stay out of dangerous spots, such as on light fixtures or entwined in computer cords. Provide one or more of these seating solutions:


Classically designed Rope Ladders captivate your bird's body and mind while fighting habitat boredom. Natural Rope Ladders also entice play.

Shower/Window Perches

Discover the ease of bathing or misting your bird in your shower stall or tub. And in warm weather, affix perch on a window for intriguing new world views.


Tried-and-true playstands provide seating plus the opportunity to attach favorite toys and/or treats to further enhance "free" time. Select from a variety of tabletop or free-standing styles.

If you haven't yet given your bird ample time outside of his cage, expand his horizons easily with safe seating. Out-of cage adventures in our living room, den, family room, and beyond are sure to thrill your bird and strengthen your bond.