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Oven Fresh Bites


Just like you would prepare in your kitchen

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Birds LOVE the taste, texture and natural flavor of Oven Fresh Bites Gourmet Bird Food

New Baked Oven Fresh Bites Bird Food is a Natural and Innovative Solution for Avian Diets.

Experience the gourmet texture and delicious rewards of the baker's craft

The baking process keeps more nutrition intact and is less abrasive to ingredients particularly proteins, vitamins and minerals. Natural leavening breaks down the indigestible components of grains, a process that develops the natural full flavor of whole grains without using sweeteners, oils, preservatives or yeast.

The nature of the baking process allows the option of using large grain particles in the formulas. Nutritional research indicates that using larger grain particles may improve nutrient retention and digestion.

Greater development of the gastrointestinal tract suggests that food may be retained in the upper digestive tract for a longer period allowing for increased enzymatic digestion. Baking dictates that this food be produced in small batches, this is advantageous because simplifies our rigorous quality control. Our manufacturing process achieves unparalleled quality and consistency.

Baking provides us with a texture which allows a parrot to feed naturally, using harvesting techniques and mechanics which are similar to those used by their wild counterparts as they forage for food. Your avian bird is attracted to the gourmet shape, texture and visual content of Oven Fresh Bites avian bird food. The nuggets/pellets are generally picked up with the foot, particles are loosened using the beak and manipulated with the tongue while being prepared for ingestion. This natural behavior is remarkably similar to the physical practices and behaviors of your avian bird feeding in its natural habitat. It is a parrot’s natural way of feeding and they have successfully employed this technique for several hundred thousand years! Developed by avian veterinarians and nutritionists “Oven Fresh Bites” all natural avian bird food provides the solution for the discriminating pet bird owners who are looking for a nutritious, natural gourmet bird food.This nutritious avian bird food is second to none!