Oven Fresh Bites
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Oven Fresh Bites


Just like you would prepare in your kitchen

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Most importantly, Birds LOVE the taste, texture and natural flavor of Oven Fresh Bites Gourmet Bird Food
 We're Excited to bring you Oven Fresh BitesTM

What Makes Oven Fresh Bites Bird Food Special?

Oven Fresh Bites is the first line of baked bird food, all natural avian diets. Nutritionally balanced and oven baked to perfection with bits of fruit, veggies and nuts that our avian companions find irresistible.

What Makes Oven Fresh Bites Bird Food Different?

Unlike other avian bird food, Oven Fresh Bites bird food does not utilize Corn or Wheat as the primary source of dietary energy and protein. Oven Fresh Bites is all natural and uses wholesome ingredients that offer a variety of nutrients and textures such as Oatmeal, White Millet Flour, and Sunflower Meal. All natural bird food has been tried and tested by avian owners and...
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What Makes Them Oven Fresh?

Because our bird food is all natural and oven baked, the natural flavors of all the wholesome ingredients are retained. Not only is our formula nutritious and easy to digest, but your bird will love the taste! Try our all natural bird food today, you will not be disappointed.
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