Bird Play Gyms Enhance Out-Of-Cage Playtime
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Play Gyms Play Gyms

Boost health, happiness, and interaction

Expand his horizons
Your highly intelligent, curious bird will revel in seeing more of his world, learning more about his home, and just being closer to you! Whether you place a Playstand just feet from his cage, or a Black Parrot Playpen in a sunny screen porch, he'll enjoy new sights and sensations.

Keep him safer during out-of-cage time
With a safe, acceptable play environment, your bird will increasingly stay off of potentially dangerous surfaces and away from hazardous objects.

Enjoy playtime convenience
Play gyms bring fun to virtually any room. Many, like the Round Parrot Playstand include wheels that let you move them from room to room. Tabletop models such as the Pyramid Play Gym let you add recreation to any room with a sizeable flat surface.

Customize playtime
Play gyms frequently offer loops or hooks for hanging your bird's favorite toys and treats. The Cockatiel/Small Parrot Playstand includes 8 toy/treat hooks for unlimited playtime possibilities.

Rely on bird-safe construction
Whether metal, wood, or plastic, play gyms feature bird-tough design and bird-safe assembly. They are made to withstand chewing, climbing, picking, swinging, etc.

Ensure fun for your bird (and for you)!
Play gyms let you give your bird the fun he craves and needs to stay mentally and physically fit. Plus, you'll enjoy watching your bird play as he stays closer to you in your living space.