Bird Toys Built to Entertain and Strengthen Bonds
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

n assortment of toys helps your bird live his best life, keeping him happy, busy, and fulfilled. Build-your own (BYO) toys make great additions to your bird's toy collection, offering him (and you) important benefits. Build-Your-Own Toys 5 Fantastic Benefits
Toy Parts
Absolute favorite playthings
Whatever textures or colors your bird prefers, BYO toys let you use as much of his favorite(s) as you desire, in the toy style – hanging or foot – he loves best. Wooden blocks, leather pieces, paper rings, plastic chains, and wicker parts, all at right, let you create the ultimate in fulfilling toys.
Exciting playtime variety
BYO toys let you easily ensure toy variety, while still supplying his favorite components. Economy and Deluxe Build Your Own Toy Kits offer a little of everything – some items your bird may not yet realize he adores!
Ultimate control for you
When you choose the exact components for your bird's toys, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your bird is playing safely and constructively.
A relaxing creative outlet
Selecting and combining BYO toy components lets you unleash your creativity! Plus, if you let your bird watch or participate in the creative process, you'll share unique bonding time. You'll also enjoy the satisfaction that comes from creating a custom toy that brings your bird excitement and joy.
Fun for you, fun for your bird!
Ultimately, BYO toys are all about fun. And what better way to add fun to your bird's life than with a toy that offers a shared experience – you make it, he loves it!