Cat Collars and Nametags Could Save a Cat's Life
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Your cat is an inside cat. She never leaves the comfort of your home, so why burden her with a restrictive collar and noisy nametag? Should she ever stray or get lost, a collar and nametag may be the best chance your pet has of coming home or staying alive.

Millions of cats are euthanized each year at animal shelters. Many of these cats come to the shelters as "Jane Does" that strayed from home without identification. Keeping a collar and nametag on your cat at all times can keep her safe should she bolt out the door unexpectedly. Studies show that less than two percent of lost cats are returned home. Most that are returned had some form of identification, be it a nametag, microchip, or otherwise, that allowed whoever found the pet to contact the owner.

The least expensive form of protection you can provide is a nametag, which attaches safely to a collar or harness. Always select a breakaway collar to prevent your cat from getting choked if her collar catches on something.

Should your cat stray, finding her hiding spot isn't always easy, especially at night. Thankfully, most cat collars are brightly colored and reflective. Our favorite is the Lazer Brite Collar, with the mostly reflective surface, making it easier to spot her in the darkness.

Similarly, some nametags are made of highly reflective plastic or metal, allowing for greater visibility at night or in dark corners. Engrave them with vital information such as a contact number, name, and address to help anyone that finds your cat make sure she gets home safely.

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