Pet Gates: Safe Haven and Much More
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Gates are useful tools that can make life easier in almost any home with pets. We recommend them for a variety of reasons.

puppies & chewers
Puppies discover the world through their mouths – tasting and chewing just about everything, including dangerous things like electrical cords or poisonous plants. Gates can be an easy way to allow your puppy space to exercise in a safe, dog-proofed area for a short while until you can give him your full attention again. Gates can also save you the frustration of finding your best pair of shoes chewed up after your puppy went into your bedroom while you were busy in the kitchen.

safe haven
There may also be times when you’d like to keep your older dog restricted to one area without putting him in a crate, such as during summer get-togethers when your house is full of people and activity and you’re doing a hundred things at once. A gate lets your dog feel that he’s part of the fun, but prevents him from getting into food, plants or garbage that could make him sick.

dog & cat households
For any household with both dogs and cats, we highly recommend a gate to keep the dogs from getting into the litter box. A lack of security and privacy in the litter box can encourage a cat to choose some other location in your home as the bathroom. In addition, cat feces and litter are never good things for dogs to eat – they can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or intestinal blockage, as well as infection with any intestinal parasites the cat may have. For kittens or arthritic older cats, position the gate several inches off the floor to allow the cat to go underneath – or choose a gate with a small pet access door, like the Easy Step or Flexi Gates.

Gates are easy to take with you when you travel with your pet, and set up quickly to keep your pet close by, but contained.

We recommend metal construction for easy cleanup and long lasting good looks that can’t be chewed.

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