Fleas Pose Dangers You Will Want to Prevent
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

The Danger of Fleas

Fleas are eager to form a close relationship with your cat. These common parasites feed on your pet (and even on you) for the blood meals they need to survive.

Problems worth preventing

FLEA ALLERGY DERMATITIS - Many cats are allergic to flea saliva. Although fleas will make any cat scratch, the intense itching of this allergy causes vigorous scratching, inflammation, lesions, and hair loss.

TAPEWORM INFESTATION - Fleas can harbor immature D. caninum tapeworms, which they pass on to your cat.

ANEMIA - Large numbers of fleas ingesting large amounts of blood can cause anemia, especially in kittens. Severe anemia can be fatal.


  • Feline Infectious Anemia, also known as Feline Haemobartonellosis, affects the red blood cells of cats, causing anemia, depression, appetite loss, and fever.
  • Bubonic Plague causes enlarged lymph nodes, fever, and buboes or abscesses in cats. Bubonic Plague can also be transmitted to people.

Monthly preventives

Monthly preventives are the easy way to avoid flea infestation. These safe and effective products are specially formulated to prevent and treat flea infestations.

Most popular are topicals, which are applied directly onto your pet's skin. Oral preventives are tablets for cats and dogs.

Recommended Flea Control Products

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