Enrichment - Easy and Essential
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Your Bird would Rather Work
elieve it or not, your bird would rather earn his meals than simply receive his food in an open dish. His natural instinct is to spend most of his waking hours finding and gathering food. Feeding your bird from a dish, while effective, poses no challenge (and brings no fun) to your highly intelligent bird.
Enrichment -
easy and essential

Lifestyle enrichment lets your bird use his instincts and his intelligence. To enrich your bird’s life, you need only create a living space that lets him behave much like he would in the wild. One of the easiest ways to enrich your bird’s home is to present food and treats (remember that treats should not be more than 10% of the diet) in ways that encourage and enable foraging. He’ll stay happily occupied as he works to access his food.
The Foraging System
Treat Pinata
The Foraging System surrounds food in shreddable chipboard.
4-Way Forager offers a design that developes vital problem-solving skills. Place fruits, nuts or any favorite treat in the clear treat cups for enrichment activity that nurtures natural bird behaviors.
Polycarbonate Refillable Foraging Toys and Crazy Cubes feature tricky slots and compartments.
Go-Nuts Toys offer treats through tough, chewable leather pouches.
Treat Piñatas provide hours of pecking and shredding fun.
Enrichment through foraging helps ensure your bird’s long-term health and happiness while also preventing destructive behavior and strengthening your bond. If you have questions about enrichment or foraging, contact your veterinarian for additional information.