Make Your Yard More Attractive to Seasonal Birds
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Prepare Your Yard for Warm Weather Visitors
Economy Waste-Free Seed MixFEED A VARIETY OF FOODS
The foods you supply give birds energy for building and protecting nests, molting, and raising young. Provide an assortment of foods – seed, suet, fruit, and mealworms – to feed the most birds. Fruit-bearing plants also help attract birds.

The right feeders boost birds' comfort, security, and overall willingness to continue feeding in your yard. Ideally, locate feeders near foliage so birds can easily retreat from predators and safely wait to feed. Attract specific species with targeted feeders like the Colibri Hummingbird Feeder, Finch Flocker Tube Feeder, or the Bluebird Feeder. Bluebird FeederIf you prefer a varied flock, use mixed-seed feeders such as the Triple Tube Wild Bird Feeder, and No/No Feeders.

You can help ensure birds' presence (and enhance babies' chances for survival) by hanging birdhouses. The Sparrow-Resistant House and Observation Bluebird House also let you watch babies grow. Providing readily available nesting material, such as Cottontail Nest Building Material, will also encourage birds to stay.

A water source in your yard ends birds' search for a drink or a bath. Virtually no bird can resist a birdbath, such as the Red Metal Bird Bath. Moving water further captivates; you can easily create birdbath ripples with the Water Wiggler. Or, hang your birdbath anywhere with the Bird Waterer & Birdbath.

Birdhouse & Feeder CleanerKEEP THINGS CLEAN
Regularly clean feeders and waterers to prevent illness from mold or bacteria, and replace damaged units as necessary. Birdhouse & Feeder Cleaner ensures simple, bird-safe cleaning. To keep under-feeder areas (and your yard) healthier, catch seed scatter with a Seed Saucer. Consistent cleanliness is essential to birds' ongoing presence in and around your yard.

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