Travel Needs for your Birds Comfort
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Travel Time
arm-weather travel is on your horizon! You've selected a destination, verified the legality of transporting your bird there, made bird-friendly reservations, compiled a list of your destination's avian veterinarians, and scheduled a pre-departure veterinarian appointment.
Before your trip, be sure to pack these items to maximize your bird's comfort: Fold 'n Go Travel Cage Drs. Foster and Smith Bird Cage Cover
A travel cage with space for food, water, a perch, and a toy. The Fold 'n Go Travel Cage is ideal. Verify that the cage fits your car or airline size restrictions.
A supply of your bird's regular food and treats.
Bottles of the water she normally drinks.
Food and water dishes – attachable Smart Crocks are extremely travel-friendly.
A cage cover, especially if your destination is colder than her usual surroundings.
A veterinarian-recommended supplement if she suffers motion sickness.
Necessary medications and a copy of her medical history and your current veterinarian's phone number.
A First-Aid Kit.
A play gym, or a cage intended for temporary housing, such as the paradise Perch and Go.
A soft travel-cage toy, such as a natural or Parrot Piñata.
Hygiene supplies such as Poop-Off and Cage Wipes, Cage Liners, and a Seed Catcher.
A Flight Suit with Lanyard.
A water misting bottle, especially if you're headed for a warmer climate.
Bird Bath Spray.