Educate and Invigorate Your Bird with Toys
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

or your bird, toys are more than entertainment. Toys educate and invigorate, helping to ensure ongoing health and happiness. However, too many toys in your bird’s cage can cramp living space and overwhelm him. Ideally, rotate 2-3 toys in and out of the cage at least once a week.
Toy rotation benefits include:
Longer toy life – regular reprieves give toys a break from wear and tear, especially chewable toys like the 4 Way Play and Block Knots. When you rotate toys, be sure to look for excessive wear, and replace toys as needed.
Stimulating variety – your intelligent bird will appreciate changes to physical and mental activity. Toys such as the Talk 'N Play and Parrot Piñatas keep play challenging and varied.
Lots more fun – your bird will love getting "new" toys on a regular basis. Stainless Steel Bells and Coco Monkey Head with Foot Toys bring exciting sounds and surprises, even if he's played with them before.
Prevent Toy Trepidation
If your bird shies away from a new toy, try this simple introduction process. First, place/hang the toy in his room where he can see it. Play with the toy frequently, clearly demonstrating your enthusiasm. Over the next few days, gradually move the toy closer to your bird’s cage. When he's no longer nervous about the toy, gently place it on his cage so he can investigate it. Finally, place the toy in his cage. If he doesn’t play with the toy initially, encourage him by showing him how he can play with it.

Talk 'N Play
Talk "N Play
Coco Monkey Head with Foot Toys
Coco Monkey Head with Foot Toys
Stanless Steel Bells
Stainless Steel Bells
Military Macaw on a 6x25 4 Way Play