Suet & Seed Cakes Make for Simple Winter Wild Bird Feeding
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Simplify Cold-Weather Feeding with Suet and Seed Cakes

With colder weather just around the corner, bird-feeding convenience is essential. Birds must have easy access to high-energy food as
Simplify Cold-Weather Feeding with Suet and Seed Cakes
they prepare for migration and/or build up fat reserves for winter survival. You want fast, easy refills that don't leave you out in the cold winter wind any longer than necessary. Suet and seed cakes are ideal! Both make fall and winter feeding fast, simple, and extremely convenient for birds and people alike.

Suet or Seed Cakes? Both!
Suet, a tried-and-true bird favorite, is pure animal fat that provides a high-protein, high-calorie food source for always-active wild birds. Seed cakes also provide essential cold-weather energy by offering nuts, seeds, berries, and more in compressed shapes. By feeding both suet and seed cakes, you'll provide backyard birds with extremely beneficial nutrition, and attract a larger number of intriguing species.

Feeding solutions for every preference and budget
Suet and seed cakes epitomize feeding simplicity. They drop or slide right into feeders. Plus, they save you money by generating very little waste and scatter.Mega Suet Feeder

This fall and winter, help your backyard friends prepare for and survive cold weather with a variety of tasty, easy-to-feed suet and seed cakes. Whether you offer these foods in a traditional square basket feeder, an upside-down feeder, a tube feeder, or by themselves, be sure to hang food at least 5 feet off the ground and close to a tree if possible. Also, prevent disease by washing, sanitizing, and thoroughly drying your feeders monthly.

Try These Suet and Seed Cakes

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