Cold Weather Tips to Keep your Bird Warm
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Cold Weather Tips to Keep Your Bird Warm efore Old Man Winter settles in, take time to boost your bird's warmth, comfort, and safety to ensure that he is as happy as possible.

Locate your bird's cage and playstand away from doors and drafty windows. If you cannot avoid drafts, invest in a cover such as the Doctors Foster and Smith Cage Cover or a Bird Bunker to shield him from drafts. A heated perch also helps keep him cozy. The Thermo Perch safely radiates warmth and can be left on continuously.

Winter's decreased humidity means dryer skin and feathers. Add a humidifier to your bird's living space. Mist him periodically with a feather mister such as the Mister Spray Bottle, (but not so often that he gets chilled). Also, remember to keep fresh water available for bathing and drinking.

Feed your bird a nutritionally complete diet on a regular schedule to keep his body systems working well. Prevent Vitamin D deficiency by exposing your bird to a UVB light source, such as the AvianSun Deluxe Floor Lamp. In fact, you should provide UVB light year round. Also, keep your bird away from the smoke and heat of fireplaces or wood stoves.

If you take your bird to the veterinarian or groomer in winter, warm up your vehicle prior to taking him outside, cover his travel carrier, and take steps to minimize the amount of time you spend outdoors.

Doctors Foster and Smith Bird Bunker
This tent-like bird bed keeps birds warm and sheltered inside the cage.
Doctors Foster and Smith Cage Cover
Lightweight, washable, 5-ounce 100% cotton broadcloth stands up to repeated use.
Thermo Perch
Can be left on continuously, so your bird can hop onto it whenever he needs warmth.