The Importance of Clipping Your Bird's Wings
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Wing Clipping for Safety
If your bird spends any time outside of his cage, monthly wing clipping will help ensure his safety. This simple procedure allows him to exercise his muscles yet not fly to any significant altitude. He will, however, easily move around his home and coast to a safe landing if necessary.

<A free bird with unclipped wings can easily injure himself by flying into windows, pots of boiling water, ceiling fans, etc. Birds that never leave the cage, such as canaries and other finches, do not need their wings clipped.

Veterinarian guidance required
Never clip your bird's wings without first watching your veterinarian or groomer perform the procedure on your bird. Be sure you feel completely comfortable with restraining your bird and the clipping procedure itself before attempting it at home. If you clip your bird's wings incorrectly, he will not have control of his flight and he could injure himself. You might also accidentally cut a blood feather, which will require first aid to stop the bleeding.

Kwik-Stop PowderIf you plan to clip your bird's wings at home, invest in the right supplies to make the job as easy as possible. Scissors specifically designed for wing clipping and Kwik Stop Styptic Powder simplify the procedure. Also, keep a few favorite treats nearby to reward him afterward.

In addition to preventing injuries, proper at-home wing clipping eliminates the stress of traveling to the groomer or veterinarian. Always remember to involve your veterinarian when caring for your feathered friend.