Bird Cage Cleaning Tips
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Bird Cage Cleaning Tips
A clean house pleases your feathered friend just as neatness and sanitation appeal to you. Armed with a variety of products that effectively minimize messes and simplify tough clean-up jobs, you can help to ensure a tidy, healthy environment for your bird.
MANAGE the mess
The Jumbo Fountain Feeder, Bullet Waterer, and Glass 6" Feeder/Waterer are designed to minimize mealtime mess by catching what he discards. Cage Catcher
Cages outfitted with either the Seed Catcher or the Universal Cage Seed Guard trap the seeds and spills that otherwise land on your floor.
Big Cage Liners help reduce the need for scrubbing and cleaning.
MAINTAIN the cage
Attack dried-on debris and hard-to-reach areas with Poop-Off Spray or Wipes.
Use Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat all natural enzyme cleaner and deodorizer to easily eliminate odors and stains from organic animal and food waste.
When cleaning, take the proper steps to safeguard your bird, and watch for broken toys and other hazardous conditions within the cage. With the proper tools and a small investment of your time, you can keep your bird's world squeaky-clean and beautiful, while ultimately promoting his continued health and happiness.