Enjoy a Beautiful Aquarium While Keeping Expenses to a Minimum
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Budget-friendly tips for hobbyists
Enjoy a beautiful aquarium while keeping expenses to a minimum. Whether you're setting up a new aquarium or ready for another, there are many sensible ways to get the most out of this engaging hobby. Budget-friendly tips for hobbyists

What is the best aquarium setup for hobbyists on a budget?
A. Desktop aquariums are a smart choice for hobbyists on any budget. Available in a wide variety of styles, these sensible aquariums offer versatile options that are easy on the pocketbook.
The following solutions offer savvy aquarists great ways to save.

Plan ahead. Research the type of aquarium you wish to set up as well as the equipment required to achieve this goal.
Create a budget. Something as simple as a list can help prioritize purchases and reduce unnecessary expenses.
Buy in bulk. Aquarium essentials such as food and filter media are often priced more competitively in bulk than smaller, individual units.
Consider aquarium kits. These convenient kits include an aquarium AND key pieces of equipment at a lower price than if purchased separately.
Get the most out of your investment. Integrated canopies that combine an aquarium hood, lighting and filtration are great examples of products that maximize function.
Choose reputable, brand name products. While the initial cost may be more, they provide years of reliable service. Also, replacement parts will be readily available should you need them.