Pelleted Bird Food, Why and how to switch
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Pelleted Bird Foods

hanks to recent nutritional advances, pelleted food formulas now offer unprecedented choices. Age-specific, breed-specific, low-fat, and allergy-sensitive
Pelleted Bird Food
formulas allow virtually any bird to enjoy pelleted foods. Roudybush Diets including California Blend, Daily Maintenance, Low-Fat Diets, and Rice Diet, offer something to satisfy every palate. Ask your avian veterinarian which pelleted diet is best suited to the needs of your unique bird.

Superior to seed-only diets
Seed-only diets, while extremely appealing to birds, are high in fat, low in nutrients, and conducive to creating finicky eaters. Specially formulated pelleted diets, conversely, offer precise levels of essential nutrients to help ensure complete, balanced, realistic

Complete bird nutrition in a small, crunchy pellet - easy, convenient, and tasty! Pelleted foods provide a healthy blend of grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits, proteins, vitamins, and minerals in a bird-sized baked or steamed pellet.
nutrition. Your bird will enjoy the variety of new textures, flavors, and shapes, while you appreciate saving money previously spent on wasted food and nutritional supplements.

Callifornia Blend Lory Special ZuPreem AvianMaintenance Natural A savvy switch
To ensure proper nutrition, consult your veterinarian before switching your bird to a pelleted diet. You may wish to select a species-appropriate food, such as Pretty Bird Eclectus Special or Lory Special. If your bird seems to crave color in her diet, try an Exact Rainbow Diet. Or, you may wish to feed a Natural Diet.

The simplest switch involves slowly mixing the new pellets in with her old seed-only mix. Each day, gradually increase the pellets and decrease the seed amount until your bird is eating only pelleted food. Be sure your bird is eating enough during the conversion process. To boost your "switch success," you may wish to buy small quantities of several pelleted foods, mix and serve them together, then determine your bird's favorite(s) by what she prefers. Or, begin by giving pellets as treats or rewards. Remember to involve your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns.

Why not try feeding pelleted food? There's no day like today to optimize your bird's nutrition with a wholesome crunch.