Four Ways to Stop Unwanted Behavior
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

A well-trained dog is a joy to live with. Take him practically anywhere, neighbors will not complain about barking, and you can trust him not to destroy your house. The best part of having a well-trained dog is how happy he will be – he'll know what is expected of him, and that living with his "pack" is easy.

Using training tools is one of the easiest ways to train your best friend. Training collars are not like they were in the past. The technology is advancing every day, and experts in the psychology and behavior of dogs are contributing their thoughts on the best way to train.

You might want your pet to stay out of certain areas inside your home. Maybe your dog noses himself into the garbage, or your cat jumps on the counters at night. Noise, scent, vibration, and stimulation are the top teaching tools for avoiding forbidden areas. Check out our variety of Training Aids for a solution to your problem.

A barking dog can really affect your attempts to be a good neighbor, and yelling at a barking dog stimulates him to bark more. We suggest bark control that includes irritating tones, unpleasant scents, vibration, or stimulation to remind your dog that barking is not allowed. Dogs will learn not to nuisance bark very quickly. Look at our Bark Control Trainers for what would work best for your dog.

Wish your dog could walk off leash with you in safe areas? Remote collars make it possible to humanely correct, discipline, and even reward your dog, even at a distance. They allow you to distract your dog by breaking his train of thought so he can listen to you. Remote collars use tone, stimulation, and disagreeable scent to help your dog associate unwanted behavior with an unpleasant sensation. Our Remote Behavior Training Aids will help you choose your training tool.

With the new generation of buried or wireless fences, keeping your dog in your yard is no longer a problem. They are simple to install and training is fast and easy. Look through our Fence Systems for a fence that will work for your situation.

A dog that listens to you is a joy to be around, and much less of a worry. Consider a remote behavior training collar to use as an instrument in your training program.


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