Ferret Glossary of Terms
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Ferret Glossary of Terms
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Bedding refers to cloth hammocks, sleep sacks, and other items that your ferret will sleep and play in. Unlike other small pets, ferrets don't need wood shavings for bedding. Instead they prefer to make their nests and sleeping spots in cloth bedding.

A business is a group of ferrets.

Your ferret will live in a cage. They need a tall, wire cage with lots of levels for climbing and playing. The smallest cage you should get for one ferret is 2' by 3'.

A carnivore is an animal that eats only meat. Ferrets are carnivores.

Chew toys
Ferret chew toys should never be made of wood. They should be edible. Some good ferret chew toys are Marshall Superchews and Ferret N-Bone Chew Treats.

A crepuscular animal is one who is most active at dusk and dawn. Ferrets are crepuscular.

Daily diet
A daily diet is what your pet must eat every day to get the vitamins and nutrients he needs. A ferret's daily diet should be meat-based ferret food, water, and healthy, meat-based treats. Unlike other small pets, ferrets do not need fruits and vegetables, and they can't even digest them.

"Dook" is a sound that your ferret makes when he is happy or excited. It sounds kind of like a chattering noise that a squirrel makes.

Ferret-proofing is when you make sure that the room your ferret is going to be playing in is safe by moving anything that he could hurt himself on out of his reach.

A gib is a neutered male ferret.

A hob is an intact (not neutered) male ferret.

A jill is an intact (not spayed) female ferret.

A kit is a baby ferret.

Litter refers to what you will put in your ferret's litter pan. Good litters to use are recycled newspaper litters and wood pellet litters.

A sprite is a spayed female ferret.

Toys are what your ferret will play with in and outside of his cage. Good toys let him do what he loves to do - hunt, play in tunnels, and dig.

Treats are something you will give your ferret once in a while, and they should make up only a small part of what your ferret eats each day. Healthy treats are meat-based treats.

Weasel war dance
The "weasel war dance" or "happy weasel war dance" is what your ferret does when he wants you to play. He will jump back and forth in front of you, twisting and dancing.