Hedgehog Crossword Puzzle
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Activity Hut: Hedgehog Crossword
Fill in the words to find interesting facts about Hedgehogs.
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4. Hedgehogs can drink water out of a __________ or a bowl.

5. A hedgehog's daily __________ includes kibble, wet food, and fresh fruits and veggies.

7. Give your hedgehog __________ like solid rubber balls, kong toys, and toilet paper tubes.

8. Hedgehogs are __________ , which means they are mostly awake at night.

12. __________ make fun family pets.


1. The preferred __________ for your hedgehog is an tall with smooth walls.

2. Some hedgehogs can be trained to go to the bathroom in a __________ box.

3. __________ are the short, prickly spines that cover your hedgehog's back.

4. Put __________, like aspen wood shavings, hay, or shredded newspaper in the bottom of your hedgehog's cage.

6. Hedgehogs eat their food out of a food __________.

9. A __________ hedgehog will let you hold him.

10. A hedgehog who is angry will __________.

11. Put a __________ box for sleeping and playing in your hedgehog's cage.

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