Proper Fish Nutrition For Aquarium Success
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Proper Fish Nutrition For Aquarium Success
What kind of
foods do my
fish need?
Research the dietary preference of the fish you have. Find out what type of diet is natural to them. All fish fit into one of three categories: Herbivore, a plant eater; Carnivore, a meat eater; or Omnivore, a consumer of both plants and meaty foods. The vast majority of aquarium fish fit into this category.
Staple diets, such as prepared dried flake foods, offer a range of essential nutrients for your fish. Though extremely convenient, a fish diet comprised solely on flake food lacks nutritional variety important to the well-being of your fish. Try new types of foods to enhance your fishes' quality of life. Offer food items that closely represent what fish eat in the wild to help ensure healthy, vibrant aquarium fish.

In nature, fish have adapted to take advantage of different types of food items. The body shape of the fish, its natural environment, and where it prefers to feed offer important clues to the foods best suited for your fish. The assortment of foods offered by fish food manufacturers reflects the diverse food preference and nutritional need of the myriad types of aquarium fishes. For a more natural diet, consider:

FROZEN FOODS: Thanks to their natural shape and flavors, frozen food items trigger an instinctive feeding response. Since frozen foods generally go through minimal processing, they retain much of their nutritional value - almost as much as live, unprocessed foods. Many contain added vitamins and nutrients to ensure the greatest nutritional benefit to all types of fish.

FREEZE-DRIED FOODS: If you enjoy the convenience of flake foods, then freeze-dried foods are perfect. Similar to frozen foods, freeze-dried foods maintain natural nutrition, texture, and shape of live food. However, the moisture is removed for convenient storage and easy feedings. The varieties are staggering, including freeze-dried algae for herbivores and numerous crustaceans and insects eagerly devoured by carnivorous and omnivorous fish.

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