Exciting New Aquariums for Hobbyists
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Exciting New Aquariums for Hobbyists Exciting New Aquariums for Hobbyists
Traditional aquarium just doesn't fit with your style? Now you are not limited to conventional rectangular aquariums. Aquarium product manufacturers listened to their customers and now offer solutions that not only address personal style preferences, but also space and maintenance issues. Find out how choosing an aquarium is now an exciting part of this wonderful hobby.

Manufacturers are updating aquariums offering creative and interesting options for hobbyists. These eye-catching aquariums boast unique shapes and features to add a personal touch to aquarium keeping. If you are looking for something special, or if your d├ęcor calls for something unusual, consider these exciting new aquariums:

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conditioners and chemical
The welfare and success of your new aquarium depends on good water quality. These products help achieve and maintain proper water quality. For example, tap water conditioners are essential for removing harmful chlorine and other chemicals from tap water.

biOrb: Love the classic look of a fishbowl but looking for convenience? Why not consider a biOrb? Although reminiscent of the goldfish bowl of yesteryear, the biOrb boasts the performance and quality of a modern day high-tech aquarium. biOrb's globe-shaped design is sophisticated and the crystal clear acrylic aquarium offers an amazing 360-degree premium view. Best of all, the innovative and easy-to-change filtration system makes fishkeeping simple for beginners. The biOrb comes in 4, 8, and 16 gallon sizes to make a statement in any room, whether in personal or business settings.

biUbe: Have a perfect space for an aquarium, but it's too narrow for a traditional one? The stylish biUbe may be your ideal choice. This low maintenance attention-grabbing aquarium will be a focal point wherever you put it. This column-shaped aquarium adds a beautiful vertical element to energize forgotten corners with vibrant activity. The space-saving biUbe stylishly blurs the line between aquariums and sculptural art for an exceptional new choice for hobbyists. The biUbe comes complete with a unique internal filter, halogen light, ceramic media, air pump, transformer, water treatment, and fish food as well as a full set of instructions.

New "designer" aquariums
The sleek and modern Cardiff Aquarium System exemplifies a hot trend in the aquarium hobby. Designed to integrate well with a variety of home interiors, these aquariums function as a prominent feature within the home environment. These "next generation" systems rely on high tech, energy efficient and discreet equipment to maximize aesthetic appeal without compromising performance. For a finished look, gorgeous furniture quality stands are offered with these system for a truly one-of-a-kind experience enjoyed by hobbyists, family members, and friends.