Heat Therapy for Senior Dogs
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Soothe His Tired Bones
Few things feel better than a nice warm bath to refresh and renew our strength. Have you ever stopped to
Soothe His Tired Bones
think that your dog may love the feel of warmth just as much as you? Dogs can benefit from heat therapy in several different ways – especially those animals who suffer from arthritis.

Heat therapy can help ease sore joints and relax stiff muscles. On chilly or damp days heated beds can alleviate the pain of arthritis and increase blood flow. Heated pet pads are designed to offer safe heated comfort for pets at veterinarian-recommended temperatures, and can be used alone or slipped into a bed to supply maximum comfort. Please note, it is important that only pet-specific heating pads be used for your pet.

In addition to heat, a firm orthopedic foam bed with dome-shaped foam helps to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on joints. They are also much easier for older or injured pets to get out of.

Another way to keep your dog warm is a sweater fitted for him. Arthritis tends to worsen in cold, damp weather so a sweater for your pet will help keep his joints warmer.

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