Rabbit Crossword Puzzle
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Activity Hut: Rabbit Crossword
Fill in the words to find interesting facts about Rabbits.
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4. Rabbits have _____ that constantly grow through their life so it is important to give them chew toys to help wear them down.

8. A _____ _____ is an accessory you should put in your rabbit's cage so your rabbit can go to sleep, hide and play, and feel secure.

9. _____ _____ is a hay high in protein and calcium and should be given to young rabbits every day and adult rabbits as a special treat.

10. A rabbit is an _____, which means he or she eats only plants.

11. To help wear down her teeth, a bunny will _____ on things.

12. Rabbits enjoy playing with _____ they can flip, toss, shred, chew, and roll the most.


1. Besides pellets, hay, and water, your rabbit also needs to eat fresh _____ every day.

2. _____ _____ is an important part of an adult rabbit's daily diet and offers your rabbit the fiber she needs.

3. It is important to check your rabbit's cage to be sure that she has fresh food and _____ every day.

5. A ______ is a durable and sturdy wood and wire cage for your rabbit that is ideal for the outdoors.

6. Healthy _____ are a nice reward for your bunny, but should not be fed to your bunny in large amounts.

7. A rabbit is awake mostly at night, which means he or she is _____.

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