Mouse Crossword Puzzle
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Activity Hut: Mouse Crossword
Fill in the words to find interesting facts about Mice.
1 2 3 4
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5. A ________ ________ is important to have in your mouse's cage because it gives him a safe, secure place to sleep and hide.

8. A mouse is an ________, which means they only eat plants.

9. A mouse with short, bristly fur is called a ________ ________.

10. Supply your mouse with lots of ________ ________ in order to keep his teeth healthy and from overgrowing.

11. A zebra mouse is a type of mouse that has ________ on its fur.


1. The most common type of pet mouse is the ________ ________, which comes in a variety of coat colors.

2. On average, mice live between one and ________ years.

3. The best type of cage for your mouse is an ________ with a tight fitting lid.

4. Mice are ________ and they like to play during nighttime and sleep during the day.

6. A solid surface ________ ________ provides your mouse with safe exercise and stimulation while he is inside his cage.

7. Aspen wood _________ should be placed on the bottom of your mouse's cage, at least 2-3".

12. As long as you take your time and are patient, a pet mouse is pretty easy to _________.

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