Checklist for Cat Travels
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Feline Travel Checklist

Will your cat accompany your travels? Use this handy checklist to keep your cat comfortable and safe:

Feline Travel Checklist Carrier
Use a durable design with three or four sides of ventilation. The carrier should be large enough to hold a small litter box. Models that secure to your vehicle’s seat add additional safety.
Feline Travel Checklist Litter Box
Disposable litter pans are a great alternative if you cannot bring one of your cat’s normal boxes.
Feline Travel Checklist Halter & Lead
Keep an H-style or Figure-8 harness, connected to a suitable lead, on your cat at all times. A current and legible nametag is also essential.
Feline Travel Checklist Vaccination Records
A current list of your cat’s vaccinations and any medications he may be taking is required in many states. Check your destination state’s rules regarding importing animals.
Feline Travel Checklist Flea & Tick Protection
Use a suitable topical to help prevent parasite infestation while traveling.
Feline Travel Checklist Food & Water
Bring extra food and water. Both travel well in empty and washed food-grade gallon jugs. Keep an extra set of dishes on hand.
Feline Travel Checklist Toys
Occupy your cat’s time in his carrier or at hotels with a few of his favorite toys.
Feline Travel Checklist Nametags
Have new ones made with cell number and destination address, so your pet can be reunited with you easily should you become separated.