Beyond Koi: Adding Life to Your Pond
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Pond Stocking Options: Fancy Goldfish
Pond Stocking Options: Invertebrates Pond Stocking Options: Mosquito Fish
Pond Stocking Options: Bitterlings
Pond Stocking Options: Adding Life to Your Pond
Pond Stocking Options: Adding Life to Your Pond
Interested in stocking your pond, but not ready to commit to koi? Thankfully, there are a variety of eye-catching species that don't demand the large water volume, filtration rate, or care level required by koi. Plus, some of these species reduce mosquito populations, while others graze algae or clean up leftover food. If you're looking to add new life to your pond, consider the following pond stocking options.
Responsible pond keeping is an essential part of enjoying ponds and water gardens. Being a responsible pond owner means more than simply taking care of your pond. Be aware of how your pond relates to the greater community. Keep pond plants and fish where they belong.
  Trade or give to another pond owner or water gardener.
  Donate to a local pond society, elementary school, or biology department.
  Proper disposal of unwanted plants includes: drying, burning, composting or sealing in a plastic bag for disposal.
  Water garden plants or fish released into local lakes and streams may become nuisance invaders.
  Invasive species can crowd out native plants and animals.
  Damaged local habitats diminish the intrinsic and economical value of the area.
  Instances of invasive species rapidly stigmatize the pond keeping and water gardening hobby as a whole.

FANCY GOLDFISH "Fancy" Goldfish are gorgeous additions. Specifically bred with enhanced coloration or body characteristics (tail or head shape), Fancy Goldfish are available in numerous wonderful varieties including Veiltail, Orandas, Shubunkins, and Sarasa Comets. With Fancy Goldfish, it’s easy to create a beautiful living mosaic in your pond!

MOSQUITO FISH Did you know there's a member of the guppy family great for pest control? Tiny compared to koi - growing to only 3 inches - Mosquito Fish feed upon the larvae of mosquitoes and other insects. And because they are livebearers, it’s fairly easy to raise your own fry in ponds with plenty of plants for hiding.

BITTERLINGS Bitterlings resemble small koi with tall bodies and pointed snouts. These very active fish will also feed upon insect larvae and help control mosquitoes in your pond. When kept with koi, Bitterlings may also feed on potential parasites like anchor worms.

INVERTEBRATES Pond invertebrates are a great, natural solution to both algae and waste problems in ponds. Different varieties of snails work endlessly on cleaning the surfaces of the pond for algae. Freshwater shrimp and lobster are also popular, as they eat filamentous algae and organic material accumulated in the rockwork.

Practice Responsible Pond Keeping
There is a variety of pond stocking options. However, it is essential to learn about the proper care of every new addition to your pond. is a great online resource to help ensure proper selection and care of your pond inhabitants. Research first to avoid poor selection and never release any water garden plants, fish, or invertebrates into local lakes and streams. They may become nuisance invaders that crowd out native species and damage local habitat. Choose your fish and invertebrates carefully, care for them responsibly and, if needed, dispose of them properly to help protect our local waterways and wetlands.

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