Aquarium Water Movement Upgrades Made Simple
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

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A. Improving water movement is a simple way to help improve overall aquarium water quality. Proper water movement helps purge aquarium wastes more efficiently, and helps regulate temperature and oxygen levels in your aquarium.
Does your aquarium have poor surface agitation or circulation "dead spots?" As you've probably learned, these conditions can affect water quality, encourage nuisance algae growth, and inhibit proper gas exchange. Don't let poor water movement affect your water quality or inhabitants. Take advantage of one of the easy and budget-friendly upgrades for improving water flow.

You can also divert water current to different levels or areas of your aquarium. Say, for instance, you're noticing waste buildup in certain areas of your aquarium. Water return systems like the Maxspect Riptide Gyre Generator create tailor-made water flow throughout different levels of your aquarium to prevent waste from settling on decorations, to direct water to stagnant areas, or to target specific current-loving inhabitants such as corals. Water flow diverters like the SCWD direct the output of your filtration system to two areas of your aquarium for beneficial currents and improved water circulation.

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