Solutions to Your Dog's Itchy Skin
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Shampoo Therapy for Your Itching Pet Shampoo Therapy for Your Itching Pet

If your dog has itchy skin, the first thing you want to do is offer relief. One of the quickest ways to alleviate scratching is to soothe his skin and coat with shampoos designed specifically for that purpose.

Problem 1
My dog has started to scratch incessantly from allergies. We put him on a fatty acid supplement, but those can take several weeks to work. Is there something we can do to help stop the itch now?
The Solution
Advanced Formula Itch Stop Shampoo and Creme RinseThough we recommend you manage your pet's allergies by limiting exposure to allergens, feeding a premium diet, and supplementing with an Omega-3 fatty acid, you can temporarily relieve the itch associated with allergies with our Itch Stop Shampoo and Creme Rinse. Formulated with ingredients such as hydrocortisone, lidocaine, and soothing oils, these non-stinging formulas work great for pets who are miserable from itching. Itch Stop works quickly to offer the relief he needs.

Problem 2
My dog is covered with insect bites and has been scratching like crazy. His skin is becoming very tender and raw and I'm afraid he's going to develop a hot spot or infection if he keeps this up.
The Solution
We recommend a monthly flea and tick preventive program like K9 Advantix® II to ensure that insect bites are a thing of the past. This topical kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes and works for up to one month before you need to reapply. Finally, for quick relief of the itching symptoms, try an antiseptic shampoo to help care for raw and sensitive skin. Our Septi-Soothe® Shampoo with antiseptic chlorhexidine and boric acid helps fight infections, as well as soothe bites, and hot spots. Itchy skin can make your dog miserable. Be sure to offer fast soothing relief, WHILE you treat the problem, with shampoos formulated for itch control.

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