Advantages of Adopting an Adult Cat
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

The wonders of adopting an adult cat
Cats from the local shelter are occasionally used in our catalog photographs because, more often than not, an employee will fall in love and adopt one. Max, a black and
The wonders of adopting an adult cat
white domestic shorthair, was one such case. One of our employees knew right away that Max would fit into her life. She was away from the house during the day and knew a kitten would not be the right choice for her.

Here are some reasons that an adult cat from a shelter might be ideal for you:

  • They require less supervision than kittens
  • They may be accustomed to young children
  • They are more likely to be litter trained and better behaved
  • You may be saving a life. Adult cats from shelters are often passed over for “cuter” kittens

The vast majority of adult cats in shelters were not given up because they were sick or had bad habits. Many are cats whose owners can no longer care for them because the owners:

  • Are moving but cannot take their pet
  • Have health problems or have passed away
  • Have had a change in lifestyle
  • Have a child who develops an allergy
  • Have other pets who do not get along with this one

Properly cared for adult cats often live into their late teens and beyond. If you’re aching for some feline companionship, consider an adult cat. You’ll be glad you did!

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