Pharmacy Spotlight: Vetmedin® for Dogs
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Spotlight on Vetmedin

  • Medication type: Prescription-only "inodilator" heart medication.

  • Active ingredient: Pimobendan

  • Dosage form: Tablet

  • Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Generic form: None

  • Major use: For dogs suffering with congestive heart failure.

  • How it works: Vetmedin® opens up the arteries and veins, thereby lowering the pressure on the heart and reducing its workload in circulating blood. It also causes the heart muscle to beat stronger, moving blood through the body more efficiently.

Doberman PinscherVetmedin®

Dog's Name: Maddy
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Age: 7 years

Her story: Maddy, a Doberman Pinscher, was an inherited dog. Her original owners moved to an apartment in town and were not able to take the dog with them. They were overjoyed when a neighbor offered to give Maddy a good home. The new owners prepared for her arrival by reading up on the breed and, fortunately, mentally filed away the alert to a Doberman's susceptibility to heart disease.

Maddy was young and active when she went to her new home. After several years, however, her energy level had decreased. She often failed to clean up the food in her dish, and she developed a cough and exhibited labored breathing even on short walks.

As these symptoms came together, no time was wasted in seeking medical attention. Sure enough! Maddy had an enlarged heart and her electrocardiogram was abnormal. The veterinarian diagnosed her with congestive heart failure but reassured the owners by citing the availability of an effective new treatment for this disease called Vetmedin®. He explained that Vetmedin® did more than alleviate symptoms; it actually caused the heart to beat stronger and dilated the blood vessels, easing the overall demand on the heart. Grateful and relieved, Maddy's caregivers left the clinic and followed the vet's instructions to a T.

Outcome: Six months later, Maddy's life is balanced with treatment, an appropriate diet, adequate exercise, and lots of love. Thanks to Vetmedin®, she enjoys a better quality of life and her human companions are thankful for each day they can be together.

For full details on this medication, download the free patient information sheet.