Attract Hummingbirds with a Nectar Feeder
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Feed Hummingbirds with Nectar

The humming sound of their wings is usually your first clue that a hummingbird
Feed Hummingbirds with Nectar
is near. By the time you look up, however, it is often gone. Hummingbirds are quick, elegant and delightful to watch. You can get them to visit your yard with a nectar feeder.

Nectar feeders
A simple nectar feeder looks like a bottle tipped upside down with flower-shaped feeding ports. But, they are also made in many decorative shapes and styles. The ports are usually red, since this color attracts hummingbirds. To feed at a nectar feeder, the hummingbird hovers in midair, lapping nectar from the ports with its long tongue.

Filling your feeder
For freshness and hummingbird safety, you should empty and refill your feeder with new nectar about every three days in warm weather. This keeps it from spoiling, fermenting or growing mold. Clean your feeder when you take it down; simply rinse it well with hot water, or mix vinegar and water together. Do not use soap.

Mix your own nectar
Use the following recipe to make your own nectar:

  • 1 cup granulated white sugar (do not use honey or artificial sweeteners!)
  • 4 cups water
With your parent's supervision, boil the water and then take it off the stove. Add the sugar when the water becomes lukewarm and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Further cool the solution to room temperature, and then fill your feeder. Store the unused nectar in your refrigerator.
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