Ear Infection Checklist
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Dog It is estimated that up to 20% of the dog population is affected by ear infections. Ear infections can range from itchy to painful and even lead to deafness. However, many pet owners are so used to their dog's behavior that they don't notice the subtle signs that may mean an ear infection.

Sometimes owners, in the stress of the moment, forget to tell the veterinarian relevant information about their pets. Here is a useful checklist to take with you to your next veterinary appointment. Put a check mark beside each true statement and make sure to discuss the health of your pet's ears with your veterinarian.

Check the box beside each statement if it is true.
  1. My dog has long ears
  1. My dog has a lot of hair in his ears
  1. My pet has smelly ears
  1. My pet has black discharge in his ears
  1. My dog's ears are red on the inside
  1. My dog has had a recent change in behavior
  1. My dog does not like anyone to touch his ears or he cries when anyone touches his ears
  1. My pet scratches his ears constantly
  1. My pet shakes his head all the time
  1. My dog holds his head to one side
  1. My pet is around other pets with external parasites (fleas, mites)
  1. My pet lives in high humidity
  1. My dog is in the water frequently