Kitty Litter Comparison Chart
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Not All Kitty Litters are the Same
Cat litter comes in a variety of styles. From clumping to flushable and clay-based or corn-based there is a feline litter that suits the preferences of any cat or kitten and his owner. But choosing the best cat litter can be confusing. Use this informative comparison chart to compare kitty litter and help decide which style is right for your - and your cat's - needs.

Name Made
Unique Features
World's Best Cat Litter Whole-kernel Corn Yes No Yes All-natural formula is free from silica dust, synthetic binding agents, and dust-reducing agents. Unique microporous structure absorbs odors and liquids quickly.
Littermaid Premium
Clumping Litter
Corn Based Yes No Yes Superior clumping and excellent odor control. Ideal for all regular and self-cleaning litter boxes

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