Winter Wild Birds, How to Attract
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

How to Attract and Observe Wintering Birds The cold, snowy weather during wintertime can put a halt to many outdoor activities, but enjoying wild birds doesn't have to be one of them. There are many ways you can attract and watch wild birds, without trudging out into the harsh, blustery weather.

Jagunda Feeder with Auger SystemDuring the winter, natural food and water sources are more difficult to find. Wild birds need more calories and energy to help keep themselves warm. You can help wild birds when you offer them a large capacity, squirrel-resistant feeder, like the Jagunda Feeder with Auger. When you place a large capacity feeder in your yard, you don't have to go out in the cold as often to refill it. When you fill your feeder with a wild bird favorite, like our high-protein, high-fat Black Oil Sunflower Seed you're sure to attract the largest variety of wild birds around.

Winter birds still need a place to drink and bathe. A heated birdbath, like the EZ - Tilt Heated Birdbath is the perfect solution and functions in temperatures as low as -20°F to offer a warm bathing pool or fresh water to drink.

You can go "high-tech" when you birdwatch this winter with the Hawk Eye Nature Cam. Simply mount the outdoor camera near your feeder or birdbath and run the cable to your TV, VCR, or computer to view or record bird actions in color. You'll capture views of the birds that visit without getting cold or scaring them away.

Don't let the cold weather deter you from enjoying your wild birds. Use these simple solutions to help you enjoy wild birds throughout the long, cold winter months.

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