Winter Birdbaths: Why They're Essential
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

You might think birds would
be uninterested in a birdbath during the winter, but actually, it's just the opposite...

Heated Pedestal BirdbathDuring the winter months, birds and other non-hibernating wildlife are in need of a source of open water to drink and bathe. A birdbath heater keeps water open in freezing temperatures and is the perfect solution and a welcome sight to wild birds. Choose from fully functioning heated birdbaths to thermostatically-controlled heaters that can be placed in your existing bath. Thermostatically-controlled heaters are especially appealing because they can be placed in birdbaths when it's cold and removed when it warms up, and you don't sacrifice the beauty of your birdbath. We offer a variety of easily installed birdbaths and heaters that make a great addition to any garden or yard.

You can help your feathered friends by setting a flat rock in their bath that starts at the lip and extends out toward the middle. This will provide walk-in access no matter what the water level. It's convenient to place your bath where you can easily see it in order to monitor the water level, as it will need filling often. Birds that visit in winter will likely return in summer to bathe.

is one of the essential needs birds have, along with eating, drinking, shelter, and a place to nest. Bathing can keep feathers clean and flexible, and skin and plumage in good shape. A tempting birdbath will keep birds coming back to your yard again and again.

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