Backyard Kids Crossword Puzzle
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Drs. Foster & Smith Backyard Kids - Wild Birds

Test your knowledge of wild birds with this fun crossword puzzle!

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1. My red coloration stands out beautifully in snowy yards

4. This bird has a rusty red breast and loves earthworms

5. This dove was named for its sad, sorrowful call

6. This purple-plumed bird uses apartment-style houses and nests in colonies

7. The bluebird is known to visit feeders for this food

9. This showy blue bird has a black necklace and may prey on the eggs of other birds

11. This small, gray-headed tufted bird sticks around in winter

13. The most common type of seed used in bird feeders

14. Where baby birds live

15. This small seed is a special favorite of American Goldfinches


1. This black-capped bird was named for its song

2. This bright bird eats feeder offerings of orange slices and nectar

3. Hummingbirds love this sweet food

8. Any number of small, dull-colored songbirds that chiefly eat seeds

9. Woodpeckers use these to drill holes in trees

10. This is what birds do when they leave their summer homes

12. Many birds eat these - especially from a feeder.

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