Satisfy Your Bird's Different Needs With Different Toys
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Parakeet on a Parrot Pinata Engage the Senses

irds are extremely intelligent animals, requiring a regular source of mental and physical stimulation. Whether vocalizing, foraging for food, or rearranging their nest, wild birds are constantly engaged in stimulating activities. Toys enrich the lives of companion birds by keeping them active and providing an outlet for a wide range of natural behaviors.

Toys with a purpose
Specialized toys have a unique component or element that initiates specific bird activities. Some toys incorporate sound, some involve problem solving, while others focus on physical activities. To create a rich play environment, provide several toys that offer your companion bird one or more of these elements. Remember to offer toys that are appropriately sized for your bird species.

Nanday Conure on a Grande Bird Kabob ToyMany birds are keen problem solvers and relish a good challenge. Toys such as Treat Puzzlers develop problem-solving skills and also stimulate natural foraging behavior. These toys pose a similar challenge wild birds encounter when extracting edible nuts from a tough seedpod. Your companion bird has to figure out how to retrieve the delicious treat from the toy.

PHYSICAL TOYS – Without an appropriate outlet, natural physical activities such as chewing, shredding, or picking can develop into negative or harmful behavior. The Parrot Piñata and Bird Kabob Toys are great toys that satisfy your birds' urge to shred and destroy. Best of all, these budget-friendly toys will not take a bite out of your wallet.

Rings of Fortune Treat Puzzler
Rings of Fortune Treat Puzzler challenges your bird to solve the puzzle before retrieving her treat.
Talk 'N Play
Talk 'N Play
interactive toy will have your bird talking up a storm.
4-Way Forager
4-Way Forager
's clever design develops vital problem-solving skills.