Lengthen the Life of Bird Toys
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Make Her Toys Last Lengthen The Life Of Bird Toys
our bird delights in toys she can shred and destruct. But she also needs toys that hold up to prolonged chewing and inquisitive exploration, for the sake of her well-being, and also for the sake of your pocketbook.
  Make her toys last with these tips:
Poop-Off REPLACE DESTROYED TOY PARTS such as cotton rope, toy pieces, or sisal.

CLEAN TOYS with Poop-Off to keep them in sanitary condition.

ROTATE TOYS regularly – at least weekly to give them a break from wear and tear and to keep your bird interested in each new addition.

Also remember to choose the right size toys. Understand that macaws can, in seconds, destroy toys made for small birds.

Super tough Block Knots Hanging Bird Toy features several layers to climb and explore.
Rope, beads, shapes, leather, and cholla pieces
for building or repairing you bird's toys.