Simple Dental Health
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Dental Care - Easy as 1-2-3 Assisting in your pet's dental care is necessary to prevent serious dental and health problems in the future. Because oral disease is the #1 diagnosed illness in dogs, it is very important to keep his teeth and gums healthy - and it's not that hard! Simply try these 3 simple steps to see how easy dental care can be.

BRUSH TEETH DAILY so build-up doesn't have a chance to harden. Consider a Finger Toothbrush if your dog proves to be brush-fussy. Or if you're short on time, a quick wipe with our Dental Clens® Pads will help prevent plaque formation between brushings. Convenient kits like our Dental Kit contain everything you need to get started.

OFFER A DENTAL TREAT on a regular basis. Greenies® contain chlorophyll to freshen breath naturally, while chewy texture helps remove stubborn plaque. Our Dental Mint Biscuits satisfy your dog's treat cravings while scraping away plaque and absorbing foul mouth odors.

SCHEDULE ORAL EXAMS yearly, or have your veterinarian give a thorough oral exam with your pet's regular checkups.

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