Enjoy Your Pond, How to
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Get the Most Out of Your Beautiful Water Garden

Summer is the perfect time to take full advantage of your pond or water garden. Consider these great tips that allow you and your guests to experience your water feature in an exciting interactive manner.

Maintain a clear view of your water garden
Tall plants obstruct the view of your water garden. Prune overgrown pond plants with the Pruning Tool to maintain a clear view of your water garden. Use plants to frame the view, not obscure it.

Employ a natural planting scheme
Now is the time to blend mature areas of your pond with new accent foliage. Place shorter plants near the edge of the pond and incorporate taller plants as you move further away from the pond. Use Planting Baskets to add marginal pond plants that fill in the terrestrial and aquatic transition between your lawn and the edge of your pond.

Encourage exploration
Add new focus to encourage visitors to explore and interact with your garden pond. For example, bridges evoke a sense of journey and a strategically placed bench invites guests to relax and enjoy the scenery. The sweet tones of bamboo wind chimes or the gentle sound of a fountain travel across the yard to call out playfully to visitors.

Expand on what you have
Create a cohesive outdoor space by establishing a theme. Pick an existing feature for an easy, no-fuss starting point. A favorite piece of garden art can be your inspiration. Use an assortment of similar-themed decorations to reinforce your outdoor design.

Enjoy the nightlife
Showcase your pond and illuminate pathways with outdoor lighting. Incorporate task lights and accent lights to create spectacular evening gatherings. Functional low-voltage task lights mark the edges of your water garden, while accent lights such as lighted fountains or foggers add flair and a fun atmosphere. For more intimate gatherings, consider decorative fire pits and enjoy cool evenings nestled around a fire.